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Beaches in Barbados

Information about the beaches of Barbados

Barbados Beach Access Guide
A guide to pedestrian and vehicular access points for all of the beaches on Barbados Island. Published by the Barbados National Conservation Commission.

Barbados Beach Access Points by Parish

Christ Church Parish Beaches
- Amaryllis Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Coconut Court (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Dover Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Enterprise Beach / Atlantic Shores (Vehicular Access Point)
- Enterprise/Miami Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Hastings Rocks (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Kentucky (West) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Maxwell-B (Vehicular Access Point)
- Maxwell-West (Vehicular Access Point)
- Maxwell at Wind Surf Hotel (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Oistin’s Fish Market (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Rendezvous (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Rockley Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Silver Sands (Vehicular Access Point)
- St. Lawrence Gap (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Welches (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Worthing Beach (Vehicular Access Point)

St. Lucy Parish Beaches
- Archer’s Bay (Vehicular Access Point)
- River Bay (Vehicular Access Point)

St. James Parish Beaches
- Art Studio Apartments (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Crystal Cove (South) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Fitts Village Esplanade (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Folkestone Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Golden Palm (South) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Good Shepherd (Vehicular Access Point)
- Great Escape (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Holetown Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Lower Carlton (St. Albans) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Paynes Bay (Blue Monkey) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Paynes Bay Fish Market (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Royal Pavillion (North) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Sandy Lane (South) (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Tamarind Cove (North) (Pedestrian Access Point)

St. Andrew Parish Beaches
- Barclays Park (Vehicular Access Point)

St. John Parish Beaches
- Bath (Vehicular Access Point)
- Consett Bay (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Martin’s Bay (Vehicular Access Point)

St. Joseph Parish Beaches
= Bathsheba (Vehicular Access Point)

St. Michael Parish Beaches
- Batts Rock (Vehicular Access Point)
- Bay Street Esplanade (Vehicular Access Point)
- Bay Street Old Fish Market (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Browne’s Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- Drill Hall (Vehicular Access Point)
- Hospital Jetty (Vehicular Access Point)
- Needham's Point (Vehicular Access Point)
- Pebbles Beach (Vehicular Access Point)
- SG Fish Market (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Spring Garden (Brandons) (Vehicular Access Point)

St. Philip Parish Beaches
- Bottom Bay (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Foul Bay (Vehicular Access Point)
- The Crane (Pedestrian Access Point)

St. Peter Parish Beaches
- Cholera Ground (Vehicular Access Point)
- Gooding’s Bay (Vehicular Access Point)
- Heywoods-South (Pedestrian Access Point)
- Heywoods-North (Vehicular Access Point)
- Mullins (Pedestrian Access Point)

Barbados Beaches by Name

- Accra Beach
- Brandon's Beach
- Carlisle Bay Beach
- Casuarina Beach
- Crane Beach
- Gibbs Beach
- Heywoods Beach
- Maycock's Bay Beach
- Mullins Beach
- Paradise Beach
- Payne's Bay Beach
- Sandy Beach
- Silver Sands Beach

Barbados Beaches by Location

The Barbados beaches in this section are listed from northwest to southeast.

- Accra Beach
- Brandon's Beach
- Carlisle Bay Beach
- Casuarina Beach
- Crane Beach
- Gibbs Beach
- Heywood's Beach
- Maycock's Bay Beach
- Mullins Beach
- Paradise Beach
- Payne's Bay Beach
- Sandy Beach
- Silver Sands Beach

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